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#DerekStiles #Sterek #Teen Wolf #sterek playlist #my playlist #katka and her music #katka does gifs #jesus this actually took fucking ages wow i am so done with it #hopefully you'll like it guys

burn your house down with it, a derekstiles playlist #3 (d-link, d-link-2d-link-3,  emergency-d-link and how to work it)

01 jawbreaker - the dead weather // i’d call you a heartbreaker / but i reserve that for nicer things//
02 red eyes and tears - black rebel motorcycle club // losing the reasons to breathe i never lived//
03 post blue - placebo // it’s in the water baby / it’s in your frequency / it’s in the water baby / it’s between you and me//
04 slow hands - interpol // can’t you see what you’ve done to my heart / and soul? / this is a wasteland now//
05 evening on the ground (lilith’s song) - iron & wine // so you will blame me / blame me for the rocks / and baby bones and broken lock//
06 fear is like fire - fink // here we are at the point of no return / fear is like fire / you can watch it burn//
07 i like pretending - i am x // are we pretending? / are we pretending? / cause i like pretending//
08 perfect stranger - civil twilight //tonight I feel my heart begin to fail me / and my head begin to fall //
09 can’t stop feeling - franz ferdinand // soul boy, down and alone / and his soul is broken again//
10 iron - woodkid // i want to feel the pain and the bitter taste / of the blood on my lips, again//
11 keep on running - robert francis // the end of the world you know i’ll keep on running/ it’s not funny that things have to turn out this way//
12 haunt (demo) - bastille //seeing from those eyes what you become / well you become / i come back to haunt you//
13 the warning - nine inch nails // you’ve become a virus / the keeper of this host / your time is tick-tick-ticking away//
14 werewolf heart - dead man’s bones // you’d look nice in a grave / i smile at the moon; death is on my face//
15 king and lionheart - of monsters and men //howling ghost they reappear / in mountains that are stacked with fear / but you’re a king and I’m a lionheart//
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